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Fill your paper with the
breathings of your heart.

-- William Wordsworth --


Who is Kristin Tillquist anyway?

I have a wide range of interests. After a career as an attorney and a decade in local politics, I realized I was always writing. Poetry since the time I can remember. Essays for school, and then articles for magazines. Legal briefs. Reports to City Council. Short emails and long text messages. So after denying I was a writer for years, I finally caved, admitted I was “one of them,” and wrote a book. And then another one, and now another… hence the website!

Kristin Tillquist

In The Works

I wrote and published a nonfiction book a few years back. Capitalizing on Kindness.

Now, I am branching out into fiction.

All kinds of fiction:

The Heaviness of Hope (forthcoming) weaves an effortlessly engaging, yet painfully poetic, narrative that celebrates the tight interconnection between food, friendship, and forgiveness, and offers women strength through self acceptance.

On the Young/New Adult front, my novel Converted (forthcoming), takes the reader on an edgy, dystopian ride through a plot filled with action, romance, and suspense where we see that the price of ‘the grass is always greener’ is higher than any teen could imagine: a slice of her soul.

I am a writer whose diverse range of work is unified by a focus on making a contribution on significant subjects, through compelling, entertaining, and immersive writing.

Other developing novels range from an historic novel based on the ‘scold’s bridle’ in the Middle Ages which corresponds to a present day women’s issue, and a tale of two friends tested by the slow wasting of anorexia. On the narrative non fiction side, a short parable-style book will take readers on a doctor’s rounds as he tutors a resident on the mind-body connection to wellness.

And, all the while, I still write poetry extensively and spontaneously throw out Haiku at a moment’s notice, and am delighted when someone responds with any kind of poetic creation.

You may find my full bio here.

Capitalizing on Kindness

To be successful in the 21st century global marketplace you need many things—determination, well-articulated goals, and a bit of luck. But more than anything else, you need kindness. “Kindness Capital” becomes the key to success in business when you couple a caring attitude toward others with a focus on achieving your goals. Often people see business as a choice between being kind and being successful. Nice people and caring businesses are more successful. Yet most people and businesses are unaware of how kindness creates work success.


Instead, they focus on customer service, business leadership training, effective communication skills, leadership competencies and a myriad of other terms that miss the point of simply demonstrating care for others in business. Kristin takes the stigma out of being “nice” in business and focuses on harnessing the power of kindness to simultaneously enrich society as well as achieve high levels of professional accomplishment. In Capitalizing on Kindness, Kristin details why being nice in business is actually the smart and strategic way to operate. She draws from examples, scientific and sociological research that supports the theory that creating a positive atmosphere of goodwill in the workplace, building a network of supportive colleagues and employees, and establishing a caring reputation actually translates into plentiful dividends and satisfied customers!

“I learned fairly early on that investing in one’s ‘kindness capital,’ directly translates to one’s success in the workplace,” says Kristin. “The more you do to help others achieve their goals and objectives, the more you will attract them to cooperate on your behalf — and that translates into mutual benefits and financial success.”


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Capitalizing on Kindness: Why 21st Century Professionals Need to Be Nice - Full Cover

Kristin In Action

To see more videos of Kristin talking about Capitalizing on Kindness, please visit this page.

People are talking...

  • !n my experience, good business relationships start with respect, compassion and appreciation for those you work with. That’s true whether you are on the floor of the U.S. Senate or running the family store. Kristin Tillquist understands this and provides great advice for succeeding in business through kindness.

    U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • Kristin’s superb book is a must read for any professional or corporation; it will awaken you to the potential of using kindness to realize your opportunities… and the opportunities of those you do business with. Capitalizing on Kindness provides the missing ingredient to business success. Read it. You and everyone around you will be glad you did!”

    Alan Mruvka, Founder, E! Entertainment Television
  • We couldn’t agree more. Mean is soooo last millenium. Kristin’s wisdom about the value of Kindness, generosity and acceptance in the workplace should be part of every MBA, manager and mogul’s required reading. The brave new world belongs to the nice.

    Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, Authors of The Power of Nice
  • Capitalizing on Kindness is truly a book of wisdom for today’s busy professionals. Thanks are in order to Kristin for writing it and for sharing it with readers across the nation and around the world. It is a book that I will highly recommend to my Cabinet.

    Ray Maghroori, Vice Chancellor, Riverside Community College District
  • Capitalizing on Kindness is a very good and easy read. I must admit I am thoroughly impressed. Not only with the subject matter of the book itself, but also with your background and foreword. I believe that this book should be required reading by all managers regardless of industry. It would be great for freshman’s to guide them into a more happy and productive professional life.

    Steve Lowery, Digital Inclusion Program Manager, SmartRiverside Technology Corporation

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?

-- Abraham Lincoln --


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